shannon Jones

I believe that to make the world a better place, we must start with ourselves.  When we bring our best selves to our parenting, our relationships, and our work, it has an enormous positive ripple effect in the world.  But we can’t do it alone- we all need support and connection in the journey of life and especially the journey of parenting… which can be stressful and isolating in our modern world!

I’m a Transformational Life Coach, Mothering Arts Group Leader, and founder of Holistic Journeys.  My professional and academic background includes psychology, education, social work, spirituality, retreat leadership, and small group leadership.  I’m originally from California and have lived in four different countries in the past decade with my family.  I’m a mother of two sweet and energetic boys and I’m passionate about working with women and mothers to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.


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Maya Gur

My work as a life coach has been focused on women. Women trying to figure out their careers. Women trying to open up small businesses. Women trying to get back to work after becoming mothers. Having two babies myself I know how challenging this can be. I know how tired you are. I know how hard it is to remember who you were before you were a mum. Or anything else for that matter.  I know how lonely it gets. I know how talking and sharing has helped me to overcome these challenges, or at least enjoy a cup of tea while someone else offers to hold my baby.